Testimonial #11

Applied Learning

“We would often take elements from our class discussion at the beginning of the class and apply them later on when we are doing center or combinations. He would show us that everything we did and talked about could apply within class and also outside of class.”

Testimonial #10

Knowing is Doing

“Very into experiential learning and his motto of "doing is knowing" is very relatable to our generation. The professor managed to get everyone involved in some way shape or form but without force.

Testimonial #9

Independent Learner

“The way the professor structures the class in order to place more responsibility on the student, as well as studying not only the technique and history, but the ethnography of dance has led me to explore the interest on my own time.”

Testimonial #8

Active Learning

“Dr. Broomfield does not provide the class with a power-point of the lesson, it forces me to pay attention and actively learn while in the class.”

Testimonial #7

Differentiated Instruction

“It was useful hearing the different perspectives throughout the semester because every person learns, develops and advances at their own paces and with different ideas/ phrases.”

Testimonial #6

Differentiated Instruction

“Class had a nice build from easy to difficult tasks, and we go over things a lot which allow us to get better.”

Testimonial #5


“At the beginning of the semester, I was certainly interested in dance. Throughout the semester, I have been seeing connections between this class and the others I am taking, for the first time really appreciating the liberal arts education.”

Testimonial #4

Teaching to Transgress

“A lot of in-class discussion and I think this is super important when learning because it allows us all to think deeply.”

Testimonial #3

Teaching to Transgress

“But the discussions we had in class constantly challenged what we knew as dancers and students. We would often bring up new points in class that I had never thought about before and opened my mind to new possibilities and ideas. The discussions were very important to our class and would tie in to what we were focusing on that week.”

Testimonial #2


“Dr. Broomfield focuses on his pedagogy of improvisation. He goes with the flow and uses the energy of his students to lead the class.”

Testimonial #1

Multiple Intelligence

“I love his teaching style because it’s not all just about the grades but also how the student grows in the subject as time goes on. He understands the notion of multiple intelligence and takes that into consideration when teaching and grading.”