Recent publications

“Branding Ailey: The Production and Liberation of the Queer, Black, Male Dancing Body.” Oxford Handbooks Online. Music and Dance (Aug): 1-25, 2017 Link→ PDF→

“Passing Out.” Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies: Talking Black Dance Inside Out/Outside In. Society of Dance History Scholars. Thomas DeFrantz and Takiyah Nur Amin. Vol. 36 (Dec): 32-33, 2016.

“Policing Masculinity and Dance Reality Television: What Gender Nonconformity Can Teach Us in the Classroom,” The Journal of Dance Education. 11 (Nov): 124-128, 2011. PDF→

Book Chapters

Forthcoming: “So You Think You Are Masculine? Dance Reality Television, Spectatorship, and Gender Nonconformity.” The Routledge Dance Studies Reader. 3rd Edition. Ed. Jens Richard Gierdorf and Yutian Wong. Routledge.

Forthcoming: “Doing Out: A Black Dandy Defies Gender Norms in the Bronx.” Embodied Resistance: Challenging the Norms, Breaking the Rules. Ed. Christina Bobel and Samantha Kwan. Vanderbilty University Press.

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